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30th Apr 2022 from TwitLonger

Ok I don't actually know how to start this. I really didn't want to do this but not coz I wanna keep it a secret or I think omg what did I do wrong. I know exactly shit wasn't right like at all and there is no excuse for that obv but I want to clarify one thing because for me personally that's important. After that you can still keep your picture of me and I'm also fine with some just not liking me after anymore.

What actually happened?

So around half a year ago I bought a ONE day key for critical hit but not with intention of "omg I'm gonna climb now and get the rank I always wanted". My mindset is not made for that kind of shit. It would feel wrong. I did it purely, believe me or not, because back then people around me were talkin so much about it and I was getting interested in it. Just to test it out see what that shit is about what everyone is talking about. I tested it in prac range first to see how software works and after like 1,2 rounds of QP but instantly got bored of it and also obv felt bit shit. I uninstalled it again key was gone anyways and that's the story.

What's really important for me!

I'm not doing this to clear my image or make people forget about it. Idc keep hating me if you feel like it, it's honestly ok. I just want people that I spend sooo much time with in scrims, ranked, vod reviews etc. to know I'm not using a key to perform well or win games that really matter (SR, competitions, scrims...). I want people to know that I did and still love this game so much. I played it since season 7 I think until now and only took maybe 1 or 2 seasons off and even then I prob played few matches. I was an avid scrimmer back then (fair t3 shitter but still), played countless tourneys and I want people to realize that was not all fake. That was me playing AND ONLY me playing with help of any shitty software. I still have sooo many nice memories of tourney wins or shit emotions when thinking about losses. Go back to some of my tweets, there is no way I would be soo hyped about certain wins if I know I was cheating. I 100% love my passion which is gaming when I win I love it the most but losing is also part of that journey. Ask my ex-teammates, friends or even ask yourself did you ever just feel like "wow, ok that guy is bit sus ngl". I will not make everyone feel satisfied with this statement but that's fine because what matters to me is that the people I care about (high elo players, viewer of mine, people who supported me on my way) understand that this is the actual truth and I want to make myself feel better by explaining myself since there is so much shit going around.

Thx for reading all of this and I hope you might forgive me and we can still have a nice time in ranked/tourneys (if I can play in them again, just maybe)

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