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24th Apr 2022 from TwitLonger

Regarding my ban..

On the 20th of April, my Twitch account was suspended right after my stream. It was a short one, around 30 minutes. I couldn't stream any longer because my internet was giving me a hard time. I've been dealing with internet problems for as long as I can remember, and in an outburst of frustration I said something reallllllly stupid towards the end of the stream, threatening to bomb my ISP's headquarters. This had been something of an inside joke within my channel for years, but what I said was super irresponsible as somebody with a considerably large audience. I apologize for that. It was an awful, awful joke to make and it'll never happen again. I am truly sorry and I totally understand Twitch's decision to enforce the policy I violated.

I would also like to address my previous tweet. In response to my ban, I immediately tweeted that I did not care, as I thought it was just going to be a short ban of a few days at most, considering I'd never been banned before in my ~4 years of streaming. After logging into the Twitch appeal portal and speaking with my partner manager, I found out that the situation was a lot more serious than I thought, and that my suspension was indefinite.
In the past few years, I have dedicated my life to streaming on Twitch. And to me, it means everything. I’ve put in multiple 270+ streaming hour months to get where I am, and built a lovely community of funny, sweet people that care about me and enjoy the same humor, music, and passions as me along the way. I was able to quit a job that I hated to pursue streaming full-time. Losing that community would be losing everything for me. And now that I face that with this indefinite suspension, I realize how careless and stupid I was for tweeting that. I do care. And for that, I apologize again. I am really sorry, from the bottom of my heart.

Again, this is the first time I get banned at all on Twitch, so I am now experiencing what it’s like not being able to connect with all of the amazing people I was lucky enough to meet with on a daily basis. And it is awful. The past few months have been very hard for me, but I need to learn to control my emotions better and be careful with the things that I say. And I definitely have learned my lesson. I am really, really sorry, and hope I will be given a second chance.

- Karim

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