Hello everyone!
So as your probably know, It all started last year in qualifiers for Reykjavik Masters 2021
and almost exactly year after, it ended on the same place as everything started. What a paradox right? Huh

@FNATIC made decision to move me to inactive roster. All I can say, is that big thanks belongs to FNATIC, but mainly to the boys, we had some ups and downs, but overall I'd rate it as best year of my life.
Lots of crazy memories, met a lot of nice people and gained lot of important experiences as a person, but mainly as a player. I wish to the boys everything best and I hope, this decision gets them step closer to lifting the trophy.
Whoever will be my replacement, I believe and I hope, that you'll have at least the same amount of fun, as I did.


I never really understood the TwiterLongers after getting benched with quotes "I'm more motivated than ever", felt like non-sense, but I'm experiencing something similar now.
Honestly I feel motivated more than ever and I won't give up till I lift the trophy.

With that being said:
I'm looking for team which is hungry for their dreams!
I'm restricted free agent, most experienced on Sentinel, but I'd say, that I'm fast learner with lot of experiences from past year,
so I'm not really scared from picking up any role except IGL.

If you're interested, you can contact me trough my DMs on twitter or at

PS: Please don't make any hateful comments towards FNATIC or any of the boys for this decisions, it's part of e-sports, it was just about time to move on!

MAGNUM :) Cya on server

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