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12th Apr 2022 from TwitLonger

My Future

Hey everyone,

It's my first twitlonger since I've started my league of legends career and I have got a lot to say but the first thing that comes to my mind is that I'm so extremely grateful that I'm able to do what i love every day. For me I have never seen league as a job.
It has always been my passion and joy and I'm blessed to have met so many great people across the world which I will cherish forever.

I have been playing competetive league for almost a decade (8 years)
and even still to this day I love the game so much.
People that have worked with me know my drive and passion and know that I'll do everything it takes to win and how hungry I am to succeed.
I didn't go on any vacation during my offseasons and kept grinding because I wanted to be the best I possibly could be, which is why I'm always high elo always and got rank 1 for 5 seasons straight.
And my hunger to compete and be the best still remains after 8 years. When I was playing, I have often acted as a player-coach and mentor within my teams due to my experience. It's an area which I enjoyed and found very rewarding which is why I want to go in a new direction within League.

My future moving forward
I'm going to immerse myself in the coaching role and I will use all the experience and knowledge that I've gained throughout the years to coach players and teams to reach their fullest potentional.

In the past i did some individual coaching and I had a guy that got 1 hour coaching and he went from d1 to challenger in 1 month and had been stuck in plat-diamond for several years. (proof for the non-believers)
This kind of progress makes me really happy and its nice to see how grateful people are when they finally are able to breakthrough any barriers that they have.

Ultimately my goal is to be the best possible coach i can be in a team setting.
I want to be able to help teams improve and get everyone on the same page in and outside of the game.
I haven't had the chance to coach a team but im excited to see how I'll do.
Therefore I'll be looking for a team during the summer split as a coach.
This definitely wasn't an easy decision for me, but i know where my strengths are at and I'm sure with time I'll get to where i want to be.

Thanks for spending your time reading this and to all the people I've made memorable experiences with, and all the support I've received.


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