baddyG · @baddyyG

7th Apr 2022 from TwitLonger

My time as super-sub in @FPX_esports has ended!

It was a pleasure to work with those guys! It was a great run, I think no one expected we will win EMEA in that short time and be the #1 team in EMEA, but we did it. Hard work pays off!
Amazing feeling.

Thank you guys for giving me a chance to prove myself and be able to shine a little bit.
I will always have this period in @FPX_Esports deep in my heart! I am speechless how grateful I am for that chance

Thank you once again <3 d00mbros, Shao, suygetsu, zyppan, ardiis and ange1.

Since today I am looking for a team, if you need more information reach me in dm or @SnoWWieBD

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