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29th Mar 2022 from TwitLonger

What happened/ LFT

With many people wondering what happened with the recent FeenixRyzing roster I thought I would expand and just explain the situation a little better. So with playoffs just around the corner, the vibe within the team was very off and the team was split for multiple reasons however we decided as a whole we would put these issues and try our very best to make main as we believed this would revive the roster. During the build-up to our playoff game, me and ducky we contacted by a couple of players looking to build projects for next season however we were completely transparent about this and let the rest of the team know that we had been approached but let them know we were going to devote our time and effort into to this core of 4 for playoffs and commit to another season to try to hold our spot if we made main but there were other plans. After winning our first round of playoffs the vibe within the team was ecstatic and the team was on a high as we should be, we had just made main a stand-in/coach. Once this had happened ducky and I started shutting down other opportunities to give this team another chance and begin preparing for next season and began looking for players to trial but this wasn't to be. As the next round of playoffs was coming up me and ducky were told moments before that I and him were going to be removed, this was a massive shock to us as me and ducky were completely open about possible trials and other opportunities we had currently going on but these talks had been over a week ago but nothing was said until they had a confirmed main spot. With nothing else to say I was pissed and left the roster immediately and began searching for options.

With that now being covered, I find the irony of the whole situation laughable and would wish them the best of luck for the future however I have quite frankly have lost all respect for the guys

I will be lft for S41 as main AWP
2xMain Playoffs
2xInters Playoffs
2x Epic lan
Open to all offers

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