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19th Mar 2022 from TwitLonger

Regarding Layna, Strippin, and my Community.

There really is no easy way to really talk about this subject easily so I am just going to be breaking down each part and giving my response.

- First off, Layna.

I want to apologize for going behind your back and speak out about you. We have never met. I don't know you. I was given a version of you and just took it at face value without even so much of a single word about it. I can own up to that even if it did take being dragged out to see it.

I should not have used that language especially towards a woman. While myself I am completely desensitized to the word and use it as a term gender neutral in spirit that didnt it any less hurtful or insensitive.

I am genuinely sorry and will do my best to talk to others with a bit more care.

- To Jenna & Susu

You are correct, you and I have had nothing but nice conversations until I randomly blocked you. I did the same to you as I did for Layna. I took the stories I got at face value and just believed it. You deserve better treatment, period.

- To Sam

I am sorry for getting you involved in this. I saw that when you collabed with layna I felt like I should DM you because I only took the first version. I even went so far as to compare it to female arcadum. Which I will admit, no person deserves to be compared to that vile, flat out.

I acted on my own version I had in my head and talked to you privately. I should not have even gone to you when really all I needed to do was just follow her and ask her myself.

I consider you a very good friend. It hurt when I saw your post about me but really it needed to be done as you were right. I was very much out of control and just acting on instinct and not taking a moment to really second guess my behavior

Thank you for being the bigger man I was too scared to be.

To my community

. I have a large platform and today I really had to have a conversation with myself that I can also influence them wrongly at others. Layna got a variety of hate from me because I acted hostile to her publicly without there being any prior conversation to my community. about her. This instantly lead to hostility with her from my pandas. I apologize for not realizing this sooner.

I will do my best that I can to actually learn from this experience. Which will bring me to my next point. My Sub-a-thon. I ended my stream shortly after Strippin's post. I have been running it for nearly 19 days now and it was extremely unprofessional for me to have been live during this and I only find it fair that all of the revenue generated during the public involvement of this is equally distributed to those I affected with my actions.

If ANY person who supported my sub-a-thon during these 19 days be it donations, bits or gifted subs, I offer a full refund to no questions asked. (Send an e-mail to the one in my bio, that actually does go to me and not some PR person)

- End

I still plan on streaming like usual. Its my routine at this point in life. I want to actually just be a nicer person to people. I realize I am very cold in private and I need to fix that. I hope we can all move forward from this, and I will hold myself accountable for my actions.

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