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19th Mar 2022 from TwitLonger

Re: Layna and Bunny


I met Layna (@LaynaLazar) a little while back through friends. We've collabbed and hung out, she seems like a cool person.

Layna posted yesterday documenting some longstanding abuse she has endured at the hands of a fellow content creator in the industry, Bunny_Gif. You can find that shit here:

There's plenty of receipts, the post is well constructed and towards the end she mentions Bahroos involvement. Layna mentioned Bunny and Bahroo were close and mentions the following:

'I was so scared of making new friends, and interacting with anyone who had contact with Bahroo or Bunny. It turns out my insecurities were correct, he had reached out to a close friend of mine, claiming I was as bad as Arcadum, claiming I was a pathological liar, saying I DM everyone I collab or interact with. (This was something Bunny did, so this is a clear projection situation)'

That friend was me. The Arcadum shit was really fucking nasty and as someone who was close to that situation both as a player in his games and a friend to a lot of the victims the Arcadum comparison was a fucking WILD statement to make. Obviously I acted on this privately and after eventually speaking with Layna it seemed apparent Bahroo was acting with Bunny or on her behalf to greatly damage my first impression of Layna. Still... not knowing the two sides of the story and not wanting to pry I just put it to bed.

When Layna came forward with receipts I did not provide the screenshot because to be honest I told myself 'I'm not a fan of starting drama or burning bridges. I don't wanna share a private conversation publicly. I'm a 3k Andy with a wife and a kid and I don't need the heat. I don't wanna hurt the people in our shared social circles.' Yadda yadda you get it.

Bottom line is I should've had the balls to share it. Now Layna, Jenna (@JennaLynnMeowri) and others who have come forward with support and/or shared experiences are receiving a lot of grief for naming Bahroo in this situation with a 'lack of proof', so here you go:

I blocked out some personal info. I am sorry for violating someones trust and posting a private conversation publicly it's cringe but what is even more cringe is the predatory behaviour in this industry. You can't ask people to resolve stuff privately when that is literally where the bullying consistently takes place.

Bahroo, I hope you hold yourself accountable for the part you've played if only to set an example to your community and people who look up to you. As of now you've just farmed sympathy on a subathon and let the people who came forward take heat.

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