My full experience with Bunny_Gif [with evidence]

Before I say anything, I want to be absolutely sure it’s known that this is not a witch hunt. This is not a means to give reason to attack anyone, and please- be respectful. This is a means for me to want to finally be free, and speak on something I have held onto for many years.
Take some time to listen to what I have to say, and make your own judgment going forward.

This is long, as it’s been years in the making behind the scenes, and unfortunately as much as I wish I did, I don’t have an in a nutshell version for you. Please be patient with me, I know this is going to take a lot of your time if you’ll allow it.

This is the story of my professional and personal experience with Bunny Ayumi aka Bunny_Gif and how it’s cost me friendships, opportunities, and many sleepless nights.

Starting from the beginning, as we were wrapping up with the success of Susu’s succubus figurine, I was contacted through instagram by Bunny Ayumi, who you may know now, as Bunny_Gif. She had mentioned she was dating Susu at the time and wanted to know if we could make a figure of her as well.

Susu's Figure:

After clearing it with my partner at the time (as well as co-owner of IHazToys) we opened up a dialogue with Bunny through Facebook. (She has since deleted it) Noted in the screenshots.


After speaking on what she had in mind, I quickly, as always- start on a professional footing by discussing options of them being paid, and how we work. We were very open, clear, and honest as well as continuously checked in with her if she was comfortable and to please discuss with us at any point if there was any confusion. After getting confirmation both through Facebook messaging and email, we started the project.


I was in charge of consulting with Bunny throughout the project as well as sculpting her figurine. This took a handful of long hours, days, and weeks to complete. Already being a long process in general, she had continuous changes throughout the project that pushed both myself and Slugbox. They were constant and a bit frustrating. We both struggled together a lot, but we made a friendship in getting through it together. He was amazing to work with, and I thank him a lot for enduring that with me.

As the sculpting phase was coming to an end, I was letting her know every step of the way when it would be ready for announcements. This announcement as well as the pre-order launch were the most vital and important to this entire collaboration. Upon telling her when things were ready, I was met with excuses and making me feel inappropriate for asking her to post about the event. After so many months of hard work, it made me feel extremely insignificant. That a tweet was too difficult and too big of an ask. I felt very ashamed, but continued with the project.

Upon it being her time to come up to the plate, she would post tweets and instagram photos, and then delete them not long after. Making excuses as to why she got rid of them. I tried to explain to her how important it was to leave them up as they drive sales, which in turn made her more money. I was also met with more excuses.


During those end months of working on the sculpt and bringing it forward to production, I was often asked to be in calls to hang out, and invited to a cosplayer group under the name of “Cherry Bombs”. I’m not a cosplayer, so I was always the guy on the sidelines keeping to myself. It was around this time I started to feel uncomfortable and witness a lot of red flags. She would often get upset at other women copying her and she would retaliate. In private messages she would body shame women and make claims about them, as well as ways to take them down due to them making her upset. She was very good at rallying others around her to go up against others in the community in very quiet ways to slowly make their career suffer, to the point where they were just blotted out from the community over time all together. She would pressure people quite often to RT her, share her posts, and keep growing through making connections with other women, in order to keep growing her social numbers. If this wasn’t something they did, she would get angry with them in passive aggressive ways.

I had seen a handful of women be extremely hurt by this behavior around this time, to a point where they started to get in contact with me privately. Sharing their hurt and fear of the situation.

Many times I felt awful because as a business, I can’t step in due to professionalism. I continued to get more messages, and in my heart things felt very wrong. To be supporting on the side someone being so cruel to so many women in her own community. All they could do was silently suffer and fade into existence as everyone in the community feared her. She was one of the biggest models/cosplayer/lewd model. She called the shots.

Manipulating another cosplayer:

It was at this point I was around for a conversation with Jenna, being confrontational regarding not RTing something, so I came forward with my feelings on the matter, as it was clear Jenna was being cornered. Everyone had been too scared of Bunny at the time. I had messaged Susu trying to explain that women were scared of her and things needed to change, but when Bunny had found out, she got extremely upset with me. So I imagine making this step in front of all the women in the group, made her extremely angry.

She then broke the group, and nothing was said by her in that chat again.


Some time passed and she had started to reach out to random cosplayers that I had never spoken to let alone even knew. Making claims that I had attacked her, full well knowing the evidence was clear that I didn’t. This went on for weeks. She continued to slander the company as well as myself.

During one of my streams, her boyfriend OGTexas (yes at the same time as dating Susu) had tried to reach out to my partner and manipulate him into being okay with ripping me off the project not allowing further contact.

I had then messaged OGTexas, explaining how extremely unprofessional and inappropriate that was. I was then told by him that I no longer am allowed in any messages, emails, or any further use on the project.

The point in the project we were on was getting the grey resin cast out, and the painting had not been started, Bunny had also not made her cosplay for the prints that she had wanted to go in the collectors edition. (Which I had asked her many times to please do but was met with excuses)

Therefore, we had about 3-4 or more months left to work with her. For my own sanity, and mental wellbeing, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t also face myself doing this for her when so many were hurting. It felt wrong.

Proof of the work by hand we do for frigures: (this was what I would need to do with bunny figure for shipment)


I put my relationship and my business with my partner on the line, when I had made the decision on my own, to cancel the project. I was selfish and chose not to listen to my partner, and make a decision that had massive consequences.

Bunny refused to be in contact with me anymore, and any further conversations were had through their new agency, Nani.

We compiled everything they asked for, and did not continue forward until we made good on the things that were needed.

After discussing what may have been left on the project, I let them know my decision on canceling the project, and what that would entail.


This is where things are absolutely not okay.

Bunny has told a vast majority of people, consistently coming after me, actively trying to sabotage me with slander, that I scammed her out of money. That she was taken advantage of financially. That she was NEVER paid.
This is what has been motivating me to come out with this now. I refuse to continue to let people believe that she was not paid and let off freely.

Bunny kept the money she was paid by us from the pre-orders. Which was $2,123.00USD on July the 10th, 2018. She was never asked to pay it back, nor was she asked to help with refunding those that pre-ordered. I agreed I would take on full responsibility for my decision, and pay over $20,000USD that was owed. Not only was I 20k in debt to pay off the refunds, I also had to pay to cover the cost of the production that was already happening. (I am STILL to this day paying this off)


In screenshots it is shown that it is agreed on by both Nani and IHazToys that she keeps her cut of the money. She was paid.


I took an entire year away from Twitch. I was no longer in remission due to this mess, back on prednisone, and needed to find as much freelance work as I could to quickly put this to rest. I worked so hard to make all the money I needed to pay everyone back. As well as help from the other women that were hurt by Bunny.
I was in debt 20k due to canceling this project. I lost my stream, my health, my reputation, money, and I put my relationship on the line. We struggled a lot for years due to my decision. But in my mind, it was, and still is, the right thing to do.

Bunny never suffered any financial penalties, she got to walk away free, just minus her figure.

I was scared as all hell to come back. I didn’t come back for a long fact it’s another reason why I started vtubing. I was scared. I was sick. And I didn’t want to stream with my face anymore out of fear after everything that went down, among other hardships that happened during this time.


I had hoped enough time had passed that the waters would cool. Turns out not long after I came forward to start vtubing, Bunny had begun contacting as many people as she could, trying to slander my name as well as our company. She went to an extremely large vtuber group, telling them all I had created lies about her, that I went after her mods, telling them never to work with IHazToys or me, saying I took advantage of her financially, saying I snapped, and that she was afraid. She did this to others that have now come forward with proof, and god only knows who else she may have spoken to in this way.

This didn’t stop with them, it continued to grow to other people in our community. This behavior went on for years. Any time I had started to collaborate with anyone new, or even make friends, there were times where they stopped talking to me, unfollowed me, and that was that. Later on seeing them stream together with bunny etc. She tried to bully me out of the Vtuber community behind the scenes over time, and did the same thing to Susu. When Susu had come out with her Vtuber she was treated with the same animosity to the point of just about dropping it all together. She no longer felt welcome.
I now have a handful of dms of people coming to me letting me know she contacted them, trying to discuss whatever she could about me.

I chose to keep to myself as much as I could as I knew this was something that I could never escape. I was fearful of ever talking to anyone as I just didn’t want anyone uncomfortable, I wanted to just try to be happy, pleasant, and show that I wasn’t this person maybe people thought I was. I was much smaller then, and she’s always been a giant..there’s no way I had any weight in what I had experienced. So I just kept swallowing it.


Later brings up the situation with Bahroo. To be clear, I don’t know Bahroo, I’ve never once spoken to him. All I know is he followed me once, and then I was blocked. I had a fear at this point she would do the same to him as she did to many others, this time making it worse as he’s an extremely large content creator.

In looking into it, Bunny and Bahroo were close around this time.

I was so scared of making new friends, and interacting with anyone who had contact with Bahroo or Bunny.
It turns out my insecurities were correct, he had reached out to a close friend of mine, claiming I was as bad as Arcadum, claiming I was a pathological liar, saying I DM everyone I collab or interact with. (This was something Bunny did, so this is a clear projection situation)

I will keep these screenshots private unless I am given permission to use them or they would like to come forward at any point.

This was in January, and two weeks ago he contacted another close friend of mine asking to discuss this with him.

This was many…many years ago. Not only has she never left me alone in the vtuber community, Bahroo is now doing the same thing, but reaching higher heights to drag me in any way he can.


This has never stopped, since 2018. I can’t escape it, and I’m mentally tired. I'm tired of being scared. I’m tired of pleading my case. I’m tired of making new friends and wondering when they’re going to contact them and having to explain myself. I’m tired of this boulder breaking me and I can’t carry it anymore.

I tried to save face, keep the peace by not coming out with this. I know she knows the truth, I know she was scared for me to say anything so she tried to change up her story in hopes it made gains, but hasn’t. It’s caught up now, and I’ve had enough.

This behavior IS NOT okay. It’s not okay in ANY community. Manipulation, harassment, the lies. I can’t do it. I refuse to do this anymore.

There are many other women I watched be torn apart by Bunny, and I am sure they will have their own stories to tell when they’re ready. But this is mine, and I’d like to finally be free.

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