about roster changes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRohHA1n-FI

Empire's manager released their explanation video about roster change, so i released my own video to clarify it, so here's few thing i wanted to point out for you:
- We were given a condition where Empire drops our coach Zheka replacing with RayzerGM (He was dropped by the decision of the roster before Mexico Major). We had several variations to stay in team, but we didn't agree on Zheka's kick.
- Manager says in his video that the roster had to be radically changed and this was not related to the results, but the reasons were teamplay, communication, motivation and map pool.
- In every roster there's will be always problems you just can't escape it, but saying that this is main reason of this roster change is strange. We've been solving everything about new maps during last 3 year such as removing our main maps like old oregon, old border, and consulate and i can't say that we did bad with it.
- We've been on tranfer since 23-24 Feb. untill it closed 7 of March. During this transfer period we had few offers, but they could't take place because of the political situation. After 7 of March we've became free agents.
- We are skipping 1 Stage of EUL for sure. We can't get into EUL back as 4 core roster because of the rule that says team can't have more than 2 new players during mid-season transfer's (between stage's)
- We are motivated and ready to start from National League to Challenger and etc.

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