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6th Mar 2022 from TwitLonger

Surge Inu Update

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone for being inactive the past few days.
As you know, me and my development team have been working on this project for the past 6 months. I fell in love with Surge and it pains me that I have to put the project on hiatus for now.

Since the market went down and the price crashed, the team keeps getting accused of being a scam by some of our previously most trusted community members, despite no one ever providing any proof of it (which is impossible, as it's not true). For example, we've been accused that there are suspicious transactions, but no one ever showed us any specific transactions that we could explain, despite repeatedly asking for them. We've also been accused that we stole liquidity pool funds, but it only went down because investors sold their tokens and our liquidity pool is locked by a third party (Pinksale). Some also said the price went down due to a rugpull, but the developers sold 0 tokens since the beginning of the project. The price went down due to investors selling and market conditions.

We've spent days or weeks answering all these accusations to everyone who reached out to us, even individually, and made sure to respond to any questions about development (as can be seen in our FAQ document with questions provided by our community, pinned in chat). Despite this, we started getting threats, including threats of physical violence and death threats, as people demanded us to raise the price of the coin, so they can sell at a higher price and some even tried to blackmail me into handing the project over to them.

Due to the persistent accusations and threats, the 2 developers who were responsible for the development of the NFTs and the game quit. I still want to continue working on the project, but because it's only me now, I can't do it as fast, so I'm putting the project on hiatus for now while looking for new team members.

The liquidity pool is locked and anyone can still use it to sell their tokens if they wish. The dev team, including the members who left (who also burned 85 % of their wallets previously), decided we will not be selling our tokens for now, so anyone who wishes to sell, has the chance to sell before us. We also want to say we haven't sold any tokens so far, so any sales and token profits went to investors. Some investors even got 45x returns.

The Surgers did not sell as well as we expected (not even a third of them sold), as the general market conditions went bad at the time of the release. We had a game design in the works with outside developers, but since we sold so few NFTs and the market dropped, we can't afford the full game. I still want to develop a game with Surgers or at least another kind of utility, because I really love them, but I need new members of the dev team first. Surger sales are closed for now, as it would not be fair to keep selling them while the project is halted.

I'm really sorry that Surge development did not go the way you all expected - I know you had high hopes for it, just like me. I realize some of you lost money on Surge. We're really sorry about that - the crypto market went down and we lost a lot as well. I'm not giving up on the project, but I can't manage social channels alone, so I have to close them. I hope to update you soon with happier news.

- Lan

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