before anyone speculates anything on why there is no graduation, tatsuya has not done anything wrong and as far as i know both parties discussed thoroughly and came to the same agreement! so it's all good, and there is nothing to worry about.

who am i kidding, it really feels strange to me now. i came into the agency with cerys and tatsuya by my side and both aren't here anymore. it feels funny. it hurts too. i'm trying to be strong, but i didn't think it'd be this hard. like everyone else is nice to me, they're good eggs and all but it just feels so weird now??? i don't want to be rude to my other coworkers but i still feel more lonely somehow

tatsuya was a very funni comical guy... i know i will not be able to make up for this loss and it makes me feel sad. i just hope he can have more fun wherever he is. i'm going to miss him very much.
i need some time because i'm also shocked from this really sudden news. i was only informed shortly before this announcement.
i will come back stronger, i promise!!

wherever he is, let's just hope all the best for tatsuya! DARK FLAME DRAGON TAKE CARE MY DEPRESSIOOOONNNNNN

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