Aladoric · @AladoricOCE

25th Feb 2022 from TwitLonger

Peace still owes me and my teammates thousands of dollars.

Adding on to what Tally tweeted the other night after LCO, myself and my teammates from last year are still owed thousands of dollars from last year, which was invoiced for at the earliest of October 2021. Sick of waiting around for a solution that's being told is coming for months and weeks on end but never comes. Pretty unreal it comes to having to publicly call out the org to pay us all, especially when they're perfectly content to pay their current roster as well. Not to mention it took until January 20th this year and getting some others involved to actually pay us the rest of our salary. I thought it was evident to OCE orgs to actually pay your players on time but I guess it's still a running trend and it's sad that it comes to having to make things public. My DMs are open if anyone has any questions or wants to discuss this.

@pce_gg pay your players.

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