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8th Feb 2022 from TwitLonger


I spent 1 year and 1 month working as Content Director for Noble Esports. I and the content team created record social media growth for the organization. We wrote all official statements and webpage text. We fulfilled our end of our contracts and Kyle McDougal did not.

Today, without paying us for our work OR formally terminating our contracts, Kyle has deactivated the @NobleGG Twitter account. I am missing a month of salary, as well as all of my work samples from the past year. It is incredibly frustrating and unfair. It is not our fault that the community has become aware of Kyle's wrongdoings.

The managers, social media managers, designers, players, and content creators that I worked with on Noble are hard-working and beyond talented. The Noble employees do not deserve to have our professional and financial security pulled from under our feet by the irresponsible and downright discriminatory Kyle McDougal.

Although I no longer have work samples from my time at Noble: I would love an opportunity to do marketing and social media management for another organization in esports. I can provide my resume and references upon request. (And confident vouches for all members of the ex-Noble content team.)

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