No longer at Noble.

Unfortunately, we felt this coming.

It's one of those many, unfortunate cases of an out of touch owner investing money into something he doesn't understand or try to understand. And it collapsed in on itself. A story of ignorance, late payments, and awful branching business ventures like Crypto and NFTs. (fuck NFTs)

The true reason I stayed at Noble even after all of that was the passionate content team. I had the privilege to work with an amazing and talented group of people. We were passionate about what we were doing regardless of everything crumbling around us. We dominated the creative space we were given and fought for more. In the end, it wasn't up to us and it failed. But WE didn't.

The team never failed. We did the best with what we were given and every person on that team has been a blessing to work with and ANY place would be lucky to have them. I was lucky enough to call them colleagues and I'm lucky enough to call them friends.

Looking forward to whatever comes next! Looking forward to creating even more cool stuff and meeting more cool people!

On to the next adventure!!! *bat emoji*

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