Leaving Motif Esports

I didn't wanna write one of these but I feel like it'll explain my situation.

I joined Motif Esports to create a female valorant team for them. I built the most amazing roster and we performed so well in VCT Game Changers so this might come as a shock to some people.

In my time at Motif, I was sexually harassed by the org founder. It was "jokes" for him, but it wasn't for me and wouldn't be for anyone else either (I saw it happen to many girls with my own eyes). Also telling one of your players that she is 'boosted' to one of her teammates and 1 hour before a big VCT game isn't the most professional.

I was constantly guilt tripped because I wouldn't duo queue with him, I got sent unprofessional messages about other players etc.

I'm glad to have left with all 4 of my girls and my coach.

I feel happy and relieved to be out of that toxic environment already.

I would like to thank some people in Motif for being nice and welcoming but unfortunately it had to be the founder himself that caused these issues.

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