A status on our team and progress:

Before reading any further: Yes, promisq is still on the team.

Now: Our games and results so far speak for themselves. We are not where we want to be.

We are far from satisfied with the results so far. We know there is much potential in this team, more than the players are given credit for by many, but when we don't deliver the results we want and don't live up to our values in-game, this is just words. We have seen a lot of progress in scrims, but our biggest issue right now is that we are still not always on the same page in-game, which leads to many situations where we have to navigate instinct and skills alone. This bleeds into our team fights, which is a big part of winning games right now. To turn things around, we're taking a step back in some areas to focus on stabilizing the team so we can turn things around in-game.

Our first week came with good things and bad things. We took the learnings from that week into week 2, and we believe it made a difference, as we played a lot better than we previously did. It is regrettable that we could not take a win until that point, as it continues to make us feel and play worse than we should and what we are capable of. Week 3 was a harsh reality check; we simply didn't show up. In Astralis, we always fight, and we always give our best, so that was in no way acceptable.

The fact of the matter is we have made crucial mistakes when it mattered most, so we deserve the situation we are in.

So, what now?
We started the week on Monday with a very open and honest team meeting where we addressed our issues both in-game and outside the game. We spoke about group dynamics and structural changes to get more from each week and confronted some issues to clear the air and start anew. All this was done to change the flow, and make sure we are not afraid to show we want this.

It's also worth acknowledging the mental strain of being 0-7, confidence takes a hit, and it affects the way you play. Our mindset has been our biggest enemy; we need to break free and change our perspective into a more positive one in order to come back and turn things around. Confidence does not come overnight, and we know it will take a big effort from all of us, not only from our players but our entire team. We have great support from everybody in the organization, we've already gone to work, we know where we are, and we all want to fight.

That's where we are now. It won't be easy to make this happen, but we will do everything in our power to achieve it. Hopefully, you will see it on stage this weekend. Thank you for reading all of this and if you have supported us this season, thank you for all your kind words. #ToTheStars

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