My one and only response on the subject

First of all, I did not advertise cxcoin to my casual fans who don't know anything about crypto and would be extremely vulnerable to a highly volatile market. I only advertised it to people in the cryptosphere, and fans who KNEW about crypto and understood what they were getting into. The most "advertising" i did to casual fans was when I put the donation terminal of cxcoin in my livestream's description. (viewers could donate crypto and cxcoin to me, instead of using paypal or cash)

On the whole video, there was not one single mention of the main product which has been fully functional for months, - I had even used this on some of the streams, all of this was built from scratch.

734 BNB is 30% of the Presale amount (including Dxsale fees), this is stated CLEARLY on the Presale page as 70% would automatically be locked until the liquidity unlock date. This is done directly by Dxsale, I do not have any control or can not modify the LP prior to the unlocking date.

Removing the LP essentially was done so the buyback wallet is more efficient and the increase in price would be of a higher % in comparison to having used the wallet when there was a ton of BNB in the LP. I did not inject 100% of the buyback wallet since there were bots frontrunning the buys and I decided to do it bit by bit, keep in mind that the buyback wallet can ONLY be used to buy $CXCOIN and burn those tokens, it can not be withdrawn or spent in a different way!

I just verified and the presale rate is pretty much the same as of right now, this means that if you had invested 1 BNB during the presale, you could get around the same value in BNB now. You can verify this by going to:

As opposed to real "rug pulls" or "scams", the CXCOIN price is barely off the launch price, prior to removing a part of the LP, I made sure that it would be enough to back up any sales in case remaining holders decide to sell.

Also, when I took a portion of the LP (nearly $300,000) there wasn't many "real" holders or much money invested in the token by that point. Top holder has 15 bnb worth of tokens, and holder #50 has 0.6 bnb worth of tokens. It was completely unnecessary to have $400,000 in the LP ($264k in LP, 150k in buyback function) and the money was at risk of getting devalued due to the crypto markets dropping. So I took some of the LP ($250k or so) and used the buyback function to put $80k into the LP, with 100k still in the buyback function that also goes to the LP.

With that said, no money was "stolen" or "scammed" that is very misleading as people have always been able to sell and there's still enough money to back those sales up, even though there's not many "real" (non bots, large wallets) left. I did make $300,000, but it was NOT at the expense of any fans or holders.

last quick note, not everyone lost money on cxcoin, people who bought at a good price towards the beginning, actually made some money. I warned people before I launched it that it was an extremely risky and volatile thing and to make sure they understand when to buy, if they choose. There were some people who ended up buying fake cxcoins, and i refunded their money out of kindness, i probably spent $10,000 doing that. I know it's not relevant, but i just want to show that my actions on cxcoin were not malicious.

I hope these points clarify some of the misunderstandings and justify my actions. At all times, I will guarantee EVERY $CXCOIN holder to be able to sell their tokens if they wish to

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