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27th Jan 2022 from TwitLonger

finally going public with what my stalker has been doing to me the past 2 yrs

As most of you know by now, I have been the target of severe harassment from an individual for some time. The harassment has always been from ONE person, and ONE person only, though he attempts to make it appear as though it is multiple. The harassment and stalking began in July 2020, but I will give a history prior to that as it is relevant. I have included screenshots at the end of this post.

The stalker, who I will refer to as propain, since that was the initial name I knew him in game as, was a long-time member and moderator of my stream. At Blizzcon 2019, I had a signing at Con Before the Storm, where he came, and I met him in person. After that meeting, his behavior started to become concerning. It started with his increasing need for attention in my stream, increasing donations, and continued attempts to get me to speak with him privately in discord.

When I made it clear I was in a relationship, he tried to talk to one of my friends about wanting to visit me in Canada. He lives in the United States. I had never indicated this was something I wanted. It was at this time I noticed the first fake account he made, which was making inappropriate comments on my photos.

I confronted him about all of the above. He admitted to the fake account. He then threatened to kill himself. Being concerned, I called the police in his area. When it was determined he was alive the next day, for my own safety I ceased contact with him, eventually removing his mod privileges from my stream.

He went ballistic. It started with numerous fake accounts on twitter, twitch, and in-game to harass me and my moderators. Blocking didn’t matter, he made more. I never instigated nor communicated with him on any of these accounts. At one point he successfully infiltrated my stream on one of these accounts and I ended up playing with him unknown. This went on until November 2020.

It was at this point, he escalated into photoshopping my face onto the naked body of other women and paying others to do this as well. He would post these photos on twitter and DM them to my friends and followers. I had to go to the emergency room around this time for stress related heart issues. I had previously contacted law enforcement about him, but I chose to again contact them at this time.

I quit streaming in February 2021 due to the constant harassment from propain. This was my primary income at the time.

As some of you may remember, around the Spring of 2021, I started a GoFundMe for legal fees to get a restraining order against him. Given that I live in Canada, and he lives in the United States, I was attempting to find a reputable lawyer in another country, which wasn’t an easy task. The entirety of the GoFundMe went to the lawyer, and I ended up having to spend another $4000 of my own money (I feel very taken advantage of by that lawyer). The money ran out before we even got to court because his lawyer kept delaying it.

I had began taking anxiety medication due to the situation. I had trouble sleeping and trouble functioning. I was in therapy. I was now presented with the fact that I would have to go alone, in court, to face him and his lawyer. I would also need to present an address to receive legal documents to, which I was not prepared to give. At this point, his lawyer presented me with a settlement offer. I could recoup a small portion of the legal fees ($2000), and if I dropped the restraining order, he would sign an agreement to stop harassing me. So, I took the settlement (in hindsight, I shouldn’t have). Obviously, the harassment didn’t stop. Due to the restraining order, he now had my full name. He repeatedly doxxed me with the information he received from it.

When I say he was messaging my friends and followers, it wasn’t a few here and there. It was all day, every day. Every post I made, or commented on, or liked, he would respond with the photos on multiple accounts. He also posted them in many discords. I’m sure you’ve all seen them by now. He had made hundreds of accounts. They get banned from twitter and he just makes more.

Back to the law enforcement side of things, all I am able to say is that he was charged with 9 different charges in Canada, but given he lives in the United States, the situation is very complicated.

He tried to SWAT me here by calling the police and telling them I was going to kill myself. He was unsuccessful.

In August 2021 I became very sick with heart problems. I almost died. If Borngood hadn’t been with me, I would have. I spent a week in the Cardiac ICU. I had to remove myself from the situation entirely as I was told that any stress could lead to a recurrence. I needed to focus on finishing my Masters as I almost had to defer due to how sick I was.

So, what does he do now that he has no access to me? He starts harassing my boyfriend, Borngood. Every post he made, propain was there with his messages and photos. He doxxed Born and harasses his family. He harasses Eiya constantly for showing support towards me and has also attempted to infiltrate her stream many times.

After I finished my degree, I returned to twitter and WoW, which has made him escalate further. I am struggling to accurately convey the volume of these messages and photos, but if you look on any of my posts you will see them. I’m sure most of you have gotten them in DMs. He will sit on WoW and wait for me and Borngood to log on so he can harass us. He’s now started to pay people to make pornographic deepfake videos. I want to reiterate that propain has never had access to a real nude of me, and every single photo or video you see he has spent money to have created.

His messages are increasingly threatening, such as telling Borngood he will “need to get a casket” for me and threatening to make a “newsworthy event at a convention.” I could go on and on about the disgusting threats he has made but this is getting too long already.

I have been dealing with constant harassment from propain for almost two years now. Some of you have correctly identified him but I am choosing not to share his private information even though he repeatedly chooses to share mine. There are also many more incidents that have occurred that I am not able to speak publicly about. Anyways, there it is. If you read it all, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this. I’m happy to answer any questions to the extent I am able.

A small sample of screenshots, including the many reddit posts he made about the situation:

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