Response to Magoo/SCG and Community at Large

I'm going to have the clear the air since we have an issue with someone who was previously employed by the organization making attempts to discredit what we do and someone else feels the need to insert themselves into activities they know nothing about.

Escape Velocity has had contracts with players since May 2021 - with zero issues. Recently, we released our main roster for Rocket League earlier this month. They were informed they were going to get their final payout by the end of January. Aqua, the coach for the team at the time, was then informed his duties would carry over to our other B team. This was two weeks ago; yet in the two weeks since, this coach has failed to perform any coaching sessions with the team he was to be working with following the release of the previous time; while still under contract. After failing to show up for the teams RLCS Qual run tonight and failing to meet the terms of his contract, I released the coach and informed him he would get his final due within 30 days.

I just got a message (see attached) from Magoo from SCG, whom I know very little about and had very limited interaction with, making assumptions about the management and activities of Escape Velocity. Due to how things can spread like wildfire regardless of merit, I've taken it upon myself to respond publicly and put this out there.

I take pride in how I manage Escape Velocity, as do my board members and staff. It's our organization and our business (LLC out of Kentucky). Anyone around our organization and in our organization knows how important we treat it and the expectations for both myself, players, and staff alike. All of our contracts have been paid, at times above and beyond what could have been paid because clauses such as being repeatedly late or missing significant play time could have resulted in the player receiving less. All of this is transparent to my board as well who are well aware of Escape Velocity financials - we utilize PayPal business for all of our transactions. Conversations, agreements, contracts - all logged.

Therefore, I am not going to let threats or warnings go without being addressed - and I'm choosing to address this publicly now. Next time, be professional. I expect it out of my players and my staff; would hope organization owners exercise the same.

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