Open letter to Jairus

This apology is a good FIRST step. But please understand: people are going to be upset about this for a long time. They have every right to show anger and frustration over your behavior.
Please do not be surprised if some of us are skeptical about the nature of this apology. You have a long road ahead of you to regain community trust.

What you did was selfish and atrocious, and affects us all. You threw a tantrum that literally impacted the fandom in a tangible way. Don't get me wrong, I still trust Nojima-san to deliver an incredible story. But in a time when fans are asking for more transparency from developers, your actions have essentially shut a door between us and the writer who has brought us all together in the first place.

You have made agreements to stop this behavior before, so be advised that many(most) will be skeptical or downright reject this apology. As easy as it is to decry toxicity in the fanbase, the actions of others do no absolve you of yours.

YOU are responsible for this. The negative responses you are seeing are a result of YOUR behavior. If you have even a modicum of hope for change, you must recognize this. You can not gnash your teeth and blame the Cloti's or the Cleriths or... anyone.

I am personally quite hurt by your actions. I know that some of this is on me, I was naïve to trust you, and I fear I may have given you a platform that you severely misused.
If I am being honest, I don't forgive you. Not yet.

I know your life has been marked by pain. A lot of your behavior has been associated with mental illness by others in the dialogue. I do not have the prescriptive authority or context to tell you that, but I can say that mental health is extremely important. Since there is no harm in it, I think seeing a therapist would be extremely beneficial for you.

I still see light in you Jairus, I know you have a lot of passion and creativity, to me its really sad to see it used like this. I hope that this experience changes you for the better, I really do.

My suggestion is that you take some time to really reflect on this. Don't be defensive with the people who are angry with you. Just process it. What you do next will determine what your life becomes.

Some have suggested that you make a more sincere apology to Nojima-san. I personally would suggest you leave him alone. Wait until you have had some time to really process what you've done to him. And for god sakes, please run your apology by others first... people who are culturally competent enough to understand if its appropriately worded or not.

To all of the community,
Collectively we are among the most creative, kindhearted and wonderful fandoms in the world, and I wholeheartedly believe that, in spite of these occurrences. I implore you heavily to participate in the #welovenojima movement occurring on the 20th of this month. Let us show some appreciation to the man whose storytelling has brought us all years of great experiences.

-Love you All, Schrodingersbabyseal

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