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17th Jan 2022 from TwitLonger

My final word in the community

This will be an update and my final public word on everything. As most people know I paid everyone their bounties back. If you believe you had previously paid a bounty to me and want it back, by all means contact me, I do believe however I have returned them all.

A big purpose of THIS though is to clear up the air on what I did to fake accomplishments, how I did it, and what accomplishments are legit (some will be updated with OBS recordings and others with nothing) to filter out all the fake accomplishments. I will update this from time to time as I do have to look through everything. If you don’t want to take my word on what is real, that is completely fine. I am well aware it won’t help any of my reputation regarding my accomplishments and this whole situation and I’m well aware that legit accomplishments with no proof will be held in the same regard as fake ones. This is all I say I would do in the video.

What I used: - Cheat Engine, Video Editing Program (Videopad), moonscraper editing, and little use of Auto strum. Some used in combination (CE and splicing, and some used just one program whether it would be just cheat engine or just splicing on a regular chart).

How I did it, game speed to 0.75 with CE - Edit VIDEO speed in videopad to 132.5, and edit audio speed to sync with audio.

I will be unlisting ALL vids, including real and fake.

Real Accomplishments

If there are any serious questions people are wanting to ask that I haven’t answered already, you can contact me through discord or Twitter, but soon I will turn everything private for my sake and then
this will be all that you’ll hear from me for a long time, the next time will probably not be in relation to the community but maybe something else, only time will tell but for now it is time for me to go.

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