Kristian · @Cryveng_CS

15th Jan 2022 from TwitLonger

UltimoGG Qualifier Final against cheaters

The tournament we played was held on Challengermode ( Which you were not required to record pov or use an anticheat. We won against
Apeks Rebels in the semi-final for a spot and proceeded to play against some players with new accounts Even tho we got the lead of the game we realised quickly that they were cheating according to their playstyle and certain small details experienced players pickup. I will provide a few obvious clips down below now but keep in mind they all have fishy stuff during different scenarios but i will just provide the obvious.

We provided evidence for admins and they reviewed the demos for no more than 10 minutes after they said that they are all cleared and no one is cheating. Afterwards we found out that the player onizuk4 is actually the know swedish cheater "Mauw1" that played for the noturious cheat team called "Pharsyde". This was the account that he played from.

This isn't the first time I've lost to cheaters on and the admins dont know what they are talking about because every time some blatant cheaters win they turn the blind eye. It just sucks to play and waste your time to lose against cheaters and admins that you can't reason with and I'd suggest that different organisers should not host tournaments on their webiste since the admins clearly can't do their job and cheaters get's free money etc.

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