oskar · @CSGOoskar

12th Jan 2022 from TwitLonger


Hello friends,

First of all I would like to thank everyone from the sinners team, the players and the staff. You made it possible to breakthrough into top30 and higher, without selecting those players i wouldnt probably even be a part of the team and i am really grateful for the trust and the opportunity you gave me. We had fun moments which i will never forget, we had super rollercoasters during those months but we remained strong which i enjoyed.

The last two months were not so bright i would say even if we won some czech events, and qualified to v4 etc. it felt like we are stagnating and not moving forward, after many days of thinking whats going on and whats gonna happen in the future i decided to leave the squad, it was really hearthbreaking for me, cause i expected different result from my journey in sinners and that is gonna be lasting longer but overall, good journey.

Moving on, you will need to wait a few more days before i reveal my next path. I still have the drive and joy from the game and competing, so not giving up just yet. Before i go coach or something else i still have some duty in csgo, motivated, willing and able. Stay tuned.

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