For our fans and people interested

So I just wanted to make a quick update on what's happening with Dire Wolves R6

So on the 3rd of December, we lost against APR in the APAC South Invitational Open Qualifier Finals and after this, we decided to take our first proper break since the 2021 season started. We also decided to drop a player from the active roster and start trialing as soon as we return from the break. We returned from the break this Wednesday and started trialing but then out of nowhere this morning, we were being asked by ESL if we want to take part in the close quals. Even tho we are in no shape to compete we decided to take part in it as it's our duty to represent Dire Wolves and make our fans happy. But don't think we are going to take part in the tournament with a loser mindset. No, No. No! Tonight we will work our asses off to deliver a great performance tomorrow.

So come watch us play against our south friends IG tomorrow at 14:30 SGT

Regarding the things that happened with APR and ESL, I will probably explain more after the quals are over.

Odin out!

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