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6th Jan 2022 from TwitLonger

A Public Apology & The Steps I Will Be Taking

Hi all,

Needless to say this is a Twitlonger I never thought I'd write before, I don't particularly know where to begin.

Last night, I was banned from the WCBC for infractions of community guidelines based on evidence brought forward by a handful of individuals.
After talking with an admin and spending much of my night wrapping my head around the information, it's suffice to say that I am embarrassed and ashamed by my behaviour.

This was the reasoning behind my Twitter post yesterday, asking people to message me about past interactions.

It is because of messages I have received that I have realised that I have said so much without recognising or even realising that what I am saying isn't harmless nor faultless.

Which when you consider how vocal I have been with issues that concern message content and how it's perceived in the past, makes me a hypocrite.

I want to take the time I have writing this to not shy away from this incident and so I want to say to those people, that I am deeply sorry for doing this to you.

Comments I have made were not said with malicious intent nor were they said to intentionally make anyone uncomfortable. I copied my past experiences from interactions where this was reciprocated by the other party and unconsciously passed it off as logical to do with others. This was quite obviously wrong.

After posting this I will be going dark for a while. I want to take time to rehabilitate myself, to do better, to not continue being this person towards others because I do not recognise them and I do not like them.

I will not be appealing to overturn the ban handed to me by the WCBC. Therefore, I will not be making an appearance on stream or in the community anytime soon, so I want to apologise to my teammates Claire and Alanis as well for suffering from the consequences of my actions.

I hope also that maybe I can begin to repair the damage I have caused with the people concerned if that is something they would wish to do.

I am sorry for letting everyone down.

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