Current Situation on the Sakura White Blossom Mousepad

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you for the insane support these past few months - It has been the craziest Christmas for us here at MouseMods with thousands of mousepads currently on desks all around the world. We are very grateful to have such an awesome community.

During the Holiday rush (early December) we ran out of White Blossom mousepads, which we immediately took notice of. This resulted in us starting production on a new batch for January / February.

However, we ran into some problems with the technicalities of the mousepad. We are not pleased with the result of the new batch, and will not be putting them on the shelves, as we strive to provide the highest quality for our amazing community.

Due to the complications we’ve encountered, the White Blossom will not be restocked until Spring 2022. We apologize for the wait and hope that you all understand that we do not want to sell mousepads we do not see fit for a community expecting the highest quality.

Currently, many community members have reserved the White Blossom on our website.
You are still first in line to receive the mousepads - You will just have to wait a while longer for them to be ready.

If you do not wish to wait the extra months, please contact support.
Refunds are available for all community members currently awaiting a White Blossom.

Thank you for taking the time to read.
Have a great day and thanks for understanding.

- The MouseMods Team

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