Note for casters

Eversince Huya DOTA2 Winter Invitational was launched, it has received great attention from Casters and friends on all major platforms.
Here, on behalf of Fu Ming Wenhe and, thank you again for your attention and support to the Huya DOTA2 Winter Invitational!

The event is broadcast exclusively by Huya, and MOON STUDIO has the media rights to broadcast in English and Russian.

Now, we will make a small request. We kindly ask the community streamers of all major platforms to set up a delay of at least one minute with DOTA TV during the broadcast of this event.
With a small adjustment, it should not affect the watching experience of your fans during your broadcast, but also guarantees the rights of sponsors, producers and main broadcasters.

Thanks again to all community casters for your attention to the Huya DOTA2 Winter Invitational, and I look forward to your active cooperation.

Fuming Sports

(Please refrain also to put any external sponsors on your stream, or on any part of your platform during the broadcast, its with request from

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