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23rd Dec 2021 from TwitLonger

SuperBNB Migration to SuperInu.

You've been waiting for it, today is the day of the big announcement!

We have made the decision to migrate SuperBNB to a V2 called SuperInu. The SuperBNB presale had not been able to cover all the marketing needs to explode the volume and marketcap of this token.

The Super Inu comes with similar tokenomics (rewards in $BNB) but with a major additional asset: An NFT Metaverse Game planned for 2022. But also more leverage to go viral with a little dog mascot that everyone loves 📈

The SuperBNB concept will be taken up with a new big viral giveaway to be announced, with more flexible conditions based on marketcap and not on volume to attract more people to the SuperInu 🐶

The $SINU presale will have a soft cap of 250 BNB and a hardcap of 500 BNB and it will take place on December 29th.

For those who had SPB tokens (bought before this announcement) no worries, we are setting up a migration. You just have to send all your tokens to :
(This address is the address of creation of the token SPB, funds are SAFU)

⚠️You have until December 31st to send in your tokens for the migration. After this period, it will not be possible to migrate ⚠️

We will send you the migration (the same number of tokens in $SINU) to the same address with which you sent us your tokens 48 hours after the finalization of $SINU Presale.

⚠️This migration is reserved for all former holders (before this announcement on December 23, 2021) We will perform verifications ⚠️

You can see this as a kind of private sale for a bigger token, in itself a huge chance to be one of the earliest.

The $SINU whitelist for the Presale is already available, you can sign up:

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