To new beginnings

First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout our journey in Louvre (LVR). LVR started 1 year ago as a troll team to have fun as a friend group and get revenge on some teams we were in previously. It started very badly where we were getting destroyed in tournaments, we stood no chance against the best players in SEA. It was a painful experience. Roster changes here and there and many more things inbetween. Despite everything, bryce, Joshh and Haise held on in LVR till we had to make the move.

On 26th April 2021, I received a message from Deryeon asking for a trial in LVR. Everyone doubted him and told me not to take him. Almost everyone in the scene knew him as someone short term and not serious. I took the chance on him, I knew him for about 10 years and I took a chance. Today, Deryeon is one of the best Tier 1 Duelist in SEA. I am super proud of you Derrick.

On 21st June 2021, Lenne msged me asking If LVR needed a Sova. bryce was going for his National Service so we replaced him with lenne. Now everyone around the SEA region watching him commenting that he does not miss his Sova ults etc makes me really happy that he's recognised. lenne is one of best Sova in SEA. I'm super proud of how you changed to become a better player and a better teammate.

On 8th August 2021, Flaring msged me if he could trial and gain experience from us. No one thought he was worthy except me. He went from an Initiator/Duelist to an Astra main. Althought we fight a lot in practice and we have our differences, I am proud to call you my teammate. One of the best Astra in SEA.

Last but not least would be our star prodigy, Juicy. Juicy is one of the most talented prodigies in the SEA region and he has so much more to learn. To be very honest, I thought that working with Juicy would be hard because of ego etc, after awhile of playing with him, I've realised that he was more than willing to learn than anyone in the team. Juicy is going to be the best duelist when he turns 16. Do not sleep on that kid.

Almost 1 year later into LVR, We are now one of the most feared teams in SEA and Ranked 7 on VLR. Trust the process. Everything will follow. As we move on from LVR, I would like to say thank you, to everyone who joined and trusted me as a caller. I hate calling man I hate it so much. Everyone trusted me no matter how bad things were going and now we're here. To the 4 of you right now, no matter where you guys will be in the future, I'll always be proud. I love you guys so much. It's insane how a group of friends can destroy pros. It's crazy that we played for fun and we dominated the scene still. Aight, I've said enough. Here are the ex Louvre players who made this possible. Big announcements up ahead!! Farewell ~

- S1Eugene
- Shiba
- Haise
- Bryce
- Joshh
- Bry4n
- Eno
- JayH
- dodonut

RedKoh <3

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