About my future

I am home.

Regarding the future:

I am not going anywhere (where would I go - I'm not good at anything other than WC3), but, should be understandable - with the end of ESL Pro Tour, competitive (!) WC3 is dead, because:

1) Asian (rather chinese. Korean tournaments are very rare) tournaments do not interest me, as they are not paying out prizemoney (to me personally, at least). And ping. So, lets say, they are non-existant anyway

2) Not counting my victory at DreamHack, i earned about 25000$ this year from tournaments - sum is rather shy, considering i am absolutely dominating player in the region. More than 20000$ out of those - from DreamHack's (online) and ESL Open Cup's

So make your conclusions, what awaits me in next year.

Even if commuity would be donating 20000$ to every W3champions post-season tournament prizepool. Considering their conditions (ping and prizemoney distribution) - even winning them all - still very small amount for a year.

Sure, I'm also streaming, and probably something else (which is my personal business) considering my income. But stream not really bringing me anything significant for a long time (compared to what it was years ago, when i was making few times more from it than from my tournament winnings).

And without WC3, there will be no income from stream for me. Almost.

There's basically no motivation for me to play WC3 without tournaments at all. Why would i practise of just play for fun MUCH? Well i can play a few hours every 2 days. But its a time-waste.

So yeah, I do not know, what i gonna be doing. Probably - nothing.

I have no plans to "switch" to AoE 4 (I dont even like how it visually looks, dont even wanna try it out). Wont be going to SC2 aswell - i left it because i never really liked it (i only played it because of money).

I wanted to write about it after most recent online DreamHack. I just didnt wanted to spoil my own mood. My victory and "spare" 50000$ didnt change a thing in this situation at all.

And it could not. Its not just about money. As i wrote above - without motivation - why would I play alot?

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