Dear Fans

Hey guys, it's been a while.
I just wanted to let everyone know I'm going to do my military service.
I wanted to end on a high note by finishing with a GSL title before I retire and go to the military. But I failed to keep the promise I made to the fans and let them down, and that has weighed me down a lot.
After falling short in the GSL, I thought a lot about going to the military, asked around for advice, and I finally made up my mind.
I’m sincerely sorry to all the fans for not living up to their expectations and support. However, if there is a new RTS, or still a Starcraft 2 scene, I promise I’ll return.
I’ll always be grateful for the love and support I got from being a professional Starcraft 2 player and try to keep my chin up in the military. Nothing’s confirmed, but I’m hoping to go between January and March. Until I ACTUALLY go, I want to use the time I have left in a meaningful way by streaming on Twitch and communicating with the fans, having fun and leaving all stress behind

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