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25th Nov 2021 from TwitLonger

The Difference Between You And I

I got into a heated discussion with a friend of mine about attractive brides. In short, he was on an outting in another state with guys he knew from a popular seduction message board. He told me that the guys were great and had game, and when I asked him if any of the girls they pulled were hot, he dodged the question and kept going around it with responses such as "define hot" etc.

Continuing, he kept going on and on about how hot girls were horrible lays, and kept defending sleeping with what I call "whore sluts". You know, girls that will sleep with any guy that tries, which requires no game at all. Seeing what he was trying to do, I called him out on it; he was making excuses and trying to explain his way out of why he and 99% of guys in the seduction community only sleep with "whore sluts" and ugly brides; brides that I wouldn't give the time of day.

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This whole debate stemmed from my stance on looks mattering if you're a guy trying to pick up hot brides in a meat market type atmosphere. I have yet to see a physically unattractive guy without a ton of cash or power pull a hot girl that wasn't a "whore slut". And my take on this is that anyone selling you on looks not mattering is full of shit. At least when we're talking about speed seduction. If you see a physically unattractive guy with hot brides, then I can guarantee that he either has cash or social prestige.

Our conversation continued, and eventually, he let the cat out of the bag. He was upset that he had tried to date a girl that he had a crush on for six months, and got nowhere with her, while the first time her and I met up, she let me feel her up, make-out with her, kiss all over her stomach, and I was going to sleep with her until I realized I had somewhere to be and left her hanging and wanting more.

And then I noticed something fundamentally different between guys like me, and your average every day guy. I treat all brides the same, while your average guy treats hot brides like they're special. For instance, said guy will be aggressive with ugly brides, extroverted, and have his way with them. But when he gets around hot brides, he gets all shy, supplicates, and is extremely nice with them.

I noticed this with just about all of my friends as well. While they oogle over a hot girl, I'm the only one that pays them no attention, and won't hesitate to shit on them, make fun of them, and completely ignore them. And this really explains why I tend to attract the more attractive brides. I don't treat them like they're special, and I won't hesitate to say exactly what's on my mind.
Why is this? I've always been the guy to get the girl, and I've slept with just about every type of woman I've wanted to sleep with, and this only adds to my "I don't give a fuck who you are" type attitude. What am I getting at? The rich get rich, and the poor get poorer...

There really is no big physical difference between the average single guy and myself. The difference all comes with our different attitudes towards brides. I feel entitled to sleep with hot brides because of my social conditioning, while the average guy feels the need to place them on a pedestal.

Just two nights ago, I had a girl walk up to me out of nowhere, and hand me half of a paper reciept with her number on the back, and she told me to call her. I had to do absolutely nothing; not even make eye contact. And when I finally called her today, all she could talk about was how surprised she was that I actually called her, and how she never approached a guy and gave him her number out of nowhere before.

Again, reinforcing my attitude about being entitled to single brides. I can always count on a hot girl approaching me and stroking my ego every now and then. All due to the attitude that I project and how I carry myself.

Hence, why I don't sweat them. I know that they will continue to enter my life and that they are easily replaceable with very little effort from my end. I'm willing to bet that said girl noticed that I wasn't looking in the direction of her or any other girl, and that I was really out to have a good time with my boy.

It really is amazing how many guys say the pussy on pedestals quote, yet they continue to put brides on pedestals anyway. You guys really have to stop and ask yourself "Am I treating this girl differently or am I behaving differently than what I would around a woman I find unattractive?". And if so, recognize it.

If you're shitting on your friends in order to impress a hot girl? You're placing pussy on a pedastal. If you're changing your plans for the chance to meet up with hot girl? You're placing pussy on a pedestal. And if you're behaving differently around a hot girl than what you would around your friends and unattractive brides, then guess what? You're placing pussy on a pedestal.

I can always judge a guys true game level not by what he knows because of some seduction book, but by how he behaves around hot brides. That simply can't be faked. Be willing to lose the girl. A guy who behaves as such has true game. Why? Because he behaves as if he can easily find another hot girl to replace her.

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