RE: Cybersecurity/Doxxing Incident

This has been a stressful week for many, and I'm confident and proud of the community and the efforts that went towards resolving things efficiently.

My latest video concerned someone that was maliciously impersonating Vshojo, and managed to trick individuals into giving personal information and doxing themselves and getting swatted. With the efforts of everyone involved, I believe this situation can be put behind us with the culprit behind these attacks having been brought to light. I do still fully stand by the need for raising awareness of phishing scams.

I'm incredibly glad Vshojo released a very well constructed cybersecurity statement addressing the situation, and you should all read it.

In regards to my video:
I worked with Vshojo on this for a while, as they mentioned in their statement in response to my video. I did show them my video before posting it, and I was not requested to refrain from uploading. The rumors that I had posted it regardless of being asked not to are untrue. Infact, leading up to the events of posting it, I was apart of a four hour conversation with their chief cybersecurity officer overseen by an executive of Vshojo and one of the members of the group.

I sincerely apologize if my actions have caused any undue stress on anyone, it was not my intention. I was only hoping to contribute to keeping the community safe.

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