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21st Nov 2021 from TwitLonger


Here's your second manifesto, BigB, if you opt to read this one, do it a little faster.

I've never liked the word "community." People often throw the word around to gain appeal for whatever bullshit narrative they're pushing that day. "It's better for the community." "The community doesn't want this." "The community has a T O X I C I T Y problem, and something must be done about it!!"

The "toxicity" in the TF2 community doesn't come from the scary racist/transphobic boogeymen that are paraded around by these terminally online social activists. It comes from the same people, the vocal minority that prides themselves on "correcting" the actions of other people for the sake of the "community."

They don't do it for anyone other than themselves, only tearing others down to bring themselves up. Nothing but moral grandstanding. The same people who squawk for "trans rights" and "anti-racism" or "less toxicity" are the sources of all of the hate. They go out of their way to slander, demonize, and harass other people they disagree with for clout, throwing their buzzwords to slander them, digging as far as they can into their pasts to find anything remotely offense to use against them. Calling for them to be fired, de-platformed, and attacked. Then they disguise their harassment as righteous for the betterment of the "community," and if you don't agree and/or participate, then you must AGREE with the bad guy! You're just as bad as they are! And people don't want to be disliked, or hated, so they jump right in thinking they're doing something good, for self preservation. They get the rush of having power over someone by destroying them. They don't familiarize themselves with the situation or person they're attacking, they just dive right in without thinking so they too don't get attacked. It's the self-perpetuating shitstorm known as "cancel culture."

This isn't unique to the TF2 community, it's in every online "community." Just look around at the people causing all of the goddamn problems- the sociopaths that hunt for targets to mow down with the purity spiral. Most people are just regular Joe-Blows just enjoying whatever it is their "community" is centered around. Then you have that vocal minority, constantly angry, out for blood, wanting to tear down other people to make themselves feel better that day.

I swear to God, ever since tumblr removed NSFW content, every internet "community" has become absolutely insufferable. We lost the last containment chamber for the terminally online wokies, and now they've permeated every corner of the internet with their mental rot.

It's wild that people think I'm racist because I quoted the Eric Andre show by saying "don't rainbow read me nigga" 4 years ago in a tweet. It's wild that people think I wish for the death of all transgender people because I said "tranny," which is apparently a no-no word now despite it being used for decades as an abbreviation for transgender/transvestite. Still used today as a term of endearment by other transgender people when they refer to OTHER transgender people. It's only a "slur" when the wokies want to tear someone down. It's a "slur" now because the vocabulary to label transgender people has widened, and anything that was ever remotely used as "hateful" must be eradicated, despite the word not being hateful in origin, much like the word "retard." Only "certain people" are allowed to use it.

It's wild to see flat out lies about me being spread around. Things that have never happened, things that I'm not. It's hurtful, and it's all being done to tear me down for internet points. No matter what I do, I can no longer restore my "image."

What's more, I can't defend myself. I can't say "I'm not racist, I'm not transphobic."

Even though I'm not.

I don't hold a single hateful bone in my body against anyone. I don't care what race, gender, ethnicity, LABEL you are, I respect everyone as my fellow man until they give me a reason not to. I treat individuals based on their actions, not by how they look or what they are. But that truth doesn't matter, because the vocal minority just screams over me saying "but you are racist/transphobic/bad, you did XYZ!!!!" It's a battle that can't be won. Media has given these mentally ill social activists a preferential platform to spew their rotting brain-matter to the masses. Known as Twitter.

Thanks Wamo, you insufferable bastard. You got what you wanted. You and your friends have managed to send so much harassment my way that I can't do this anymore. Like I said before, the only reason why people got mad at ME, is because they caught me doing something they don't like. First, getting mad at someone in a fucking videogame. Then, saying some no-no words. That's all you fuckers have, and you've blown it all so far out of proportion that it's turned me into a monster in the "community's" eyes.

The purity spiral will come for you. The same people you advocate for will cannibalize you the second they find the chance.

Frankly, I'm done. It's amazing how little I can do and how much hate I can receive. People claim that "I can't take criticism" when they mistake it for difference of opinion, largely over a fucking videogame.

To the "community"- don't let these people destroy you. They will keep tearing away at every last one of you, and then they'll start eating themselves until there is nothing left.

I will always love TF2. It's one of my favorite games. But Jesus christ, some of the people that play it are horrible people. Horrible people that need God in their lives. I pray for these people every day asking for God to give them some self worth so they stop tearing other people down for it.

Making videos these past few years has been a wild ride. I have nothing but the utmost thanks for the people who enjoyed my content. I know you were only here for drama, or for my videos because they were related to TF2, and not for me, but despite that, it was still fun to entertain you. I like making videos, I like entertaining people, I like having an audience, but now, according to the community, I'm not worthy of these things.

I hope I can do this again in the future, in a way that doesn't destroy my mental health.

I'm going to finish this last video, I've already put too much work into it to NOT finish it. After that, I don't know what I'm going to do. I do know I'm not touching this godforsaken website again after this twitlonger is posted.

Don't let what other people think about you get to you. Grow thicker skin. I don't have it. Thousands of people wanting my head on a pike doesn't feel very good. I'm not sure how thick of a hide you need to deal with it.

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