Mononoke-Inu: Ecosystem Announcement (Fortune)

Hi NokeNation,

we would like to announce the next step in our Mononoke-Inu ecosystem - Fortune.

Fortune will be the ingame currency as well as the reward token for our upcoming Mononoke-Inu game(s). You will be able to use it for trading ingame items and you will earn it while playing the game!

- Why will this effect Mononoke-Inu positively?

The tokenomics in Fortune include a 2,5% Buyback & LP add tax for Mononoke-Inu - this means volume generated in Fortune will also raise and stabilize the price of Mononoke-Inu!

Mononoke-Inu will always be the main actor and token of the Ecosystem. Fortune is an additional piece that is required to make it work.

The Fortune tokenomics are:

1% Reflect

2,5% Buyback & add LP to Mononoke-Inu

2,5% Buyback to Fortune for rewards

5% General development

5.3% of the redistributions will get burned in every transaction. 5,3% of all supply was burned initially

- Why was this not announced sooner?

We wanted to keep the tradition and launched Fortune the same way we launched Mononoke-Inu: a stealth launch. We advertised it through the same channels we did early for Mononoke-Inu but also left alot of hints everywhere so people could notice - we thought it would be a little more fun this way.

- Do i have to buy Fortune?

This is completely up to you, you will also be rewarded just by holding Mononoke-Inu due to a higher price from the buybacks originating from Fortune. Or you can get an early start by buying Fortune now.

- What about Mononoke-Inu?

Everything is going exactly as planned. Our next step will be creating a DAO for Mononoke-Inu as well as releasing the beta of our game. Mononoke-Inu holders will also receive special goodies inside the game.

- Is this made by another team?

No, same team as Mononoke-Inu so you guys can feel secure.

Contract: 0x9f009d03e1b7f02065017c90e8e0d5cb378eb015

Our website will be updated as well soon.

We love you all, and this is only the beginning of something big.

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