DMjke · @DmitryDorokhin

9th Nov 2021 from TwitLonger

Smurf acc situation

Few facts about “my smurf” which is sold

•Acc never used to be mine, i took this acc from my friend about year ago for chill practice outside the main
•I did not play there after i got 11k there bcuz i lost any interest, after this ark (acc owner) played there for like mounth or so and lost some mmr, after this he just sold it bcuz he needed some money (tbh i did not even know hes gonna sell it)
•I did not get any money for “boosting” (practice) on it or any money after acc got sold
•I dont appreciate boosters or accbuyers. only reason i use smurfs is need for practice on new heroes in kinda chilled atmosphere for me

Hope u guys chill out and stop draging in me and gpk in this situation

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