One of, if not the most, fun experiences of my life has officially ended. It is with pure joy in my heart that I am writing this statement thanking the lads Malkolm, William, Leo & Saif for one hell of a journey. I will always believe that our Year 2 together would have been even better, but I'll settle with leaving Guild as the most consistent team throughout the first year of competetive VALORANT. Now, we never made any LANs, which is pretty damn sad because that is where I think we would have truly shined. I guess it was never written for us to get there together, but maybe we'll get to face each other in the future instead.

If there is anything I know, it is the fact that VALORANT is indeed the most fantastic game ever made. And I am so tremendously hungry to become an even better player next year. I have learned so much by just being around the best players in the world, and I genuinely know that next year will become an even better year for me personally.

I will be leaving Guild with one of the most brilliant players in the game, bonkar. We are searching for offers together and will hopefully find our next chapter to write very soon. We did build NiP together and then our beautiful BONK to finally getting Guild Top 4. Now we seek another home so we can get those trophies and eventually conquer the world.

I want to end this statement by thanking all of you who always cheered me on. It is an honor to play and to win for you. This offseason will be everything. The following season should start somewhere around February, so we will be grinding this game nonstop until then.

See you soon,
Yacine 🌹

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