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27th Oct 2021 from TwitLonger


so many data points, don't even know where to begin:

- the 2 decade long decline in battery prices reverses course for the first time due to raw material prices (see also BYD)
- Lithium chemical prices up ~3x this year
- OEM's bidding on (nickel) mines to get access to battery metals
- battery shortages
- China buying up all the promising jr's
- 200+ Giga battery plants have been planned since the last full size lithium chemical plant has been built (Orocobre in 2017) (next one to commission will be $LAC + Ganfeng @ Cauchari)

econ students at Ivy League Metaversities are going to be still be studying this battery metal dynamic hundred(s) of years from now, much like we look back at the birth of the steel or oil industries.
in the context of a global push for electrification: 8-10yrs to bring a lithium mine online & less then 2 yrs to bring a battery plant online = generational opportunity

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