// grooming sa another anon came to me asking me to share their story w/ jiki

so around the start of 2019, i was getting dms from jjikishi on discord, he was really nice to me and i didnt reallt think anything of it, also i was 13 at the time but didnt know his age (he was around 19 or 20). i liked to talk to him because he always wanted to speak to me and always listened to me when i was struggeling with school or friendship problems. it began to grow strange when he started saying stuff like “i want to visit you” or that he wants to meet incperson, i though t he was just saying that because he thought of me as a close friend, but then he started asking me if i could send him pictures of my body and that he would send them back and stuff, me being 13 and being the idiot i was, i sent him pictures of my private parts, and he sent me pictures of his, then the year went on and we didnt really speak that much anymore, and i told my friend about it and she told me that it was a dumb thing to do and that he is an adult (which again i didnt know what his age was at the time) so i blocked him on the social medias that i knew him on, i feel stupid for not talking about this sooner but i was really hard to, but seeing how there is so many more people that he did this to, it makes me feel more comfortable with sharing it, but makes me sick to know he was doing that to so many others ESPECIALLY AROUND THE SAME TIME. to all the other people who spoke out about this, im so proud of you and im so sorry that you had to go through such a horrible thing like that.

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