I feel like i wanna share some recent thoughts about upcoming finals of EPT

Some information regarding finals of ESL Pro Tour in Sweden:

I guess I should be happy about that there will be lan-tournament with huge (for WC3) prizemoney, but in a reality – right the opposite.

ESL wants to host a lan-tournament during pandemic with all the consequences.

I was initially asked about if i am vaccinated or not during DreamHack playoffs (about 10 days ago). Before that – no information about it whatsoever, so it was rather sudden (eventhough, all knew that nothing will happen in December in China, as it was planned earlier this year).

So yeah, there’s a situation – if you wanna go there, you need to go such a hassle.

First of all, selection of country – not wise. A lot of participants need a visa (I, for example). Getting a visa now to non-tourist country – almost impossible, especially considering all the restrictions from covid.

For example, you can’t really enter Sweden now except certain exemptions (Work, Family members, Study etc). ESL thinks that some law, that went into an effect this August (that sportsman/athletes of “elite sports” are among the exemptions) might allow players to enter Sweden without vaccine/covid certificate.

Whatever, but, making a visa now, when there’s another lockdown that is about go on in effect in Moscow, is not possible. Visa center/consulate will be closed until 7th November. Who knows – they can prolong it.

They could just refuse, because, might not sound like a serious reason for application to them.

Problem is that I am supposed to be there by 20th November already (tournament itself will be from 25 to 28). And I must be in quarantine for at least 3 days (hotel room, where I will have a pc and food). Guess a dream for many, not for me though.
By their rules (ESL, not Sweden) – if you are vaccinated, you will stay in quarantine for as long as your PCR-test comes back negative (test that you will undergo upon arrival).

If im not mistaken people that have covid-certificate dont need that (not applied to Russia, as, we have our “not approved” vaccines, typical politics).

And if you are not vaccinated (I am, for example, not vaccinated, because i have no need in that (like most that “voluntarely” need it for work). You must be quarantined for 3 days.

Even if I would get vaccinated now (or the moment when I got initially asked if I am vaccinated or not), - wouldn’t work.

According to their rules – 14 days must pass after the last dose of vaccine (vaccine is being applied 2 times with 21 day wait period between them) – only in this case you are considered vaccinated. So I would not fit in that category regardless.

Also, just to fly (!) to Sweden, I must do PCR-test (here, in Russia), 48 (not 72) hours before it. What a pleasure to go somewhere for a test 1 day before my travel (needless to mention, it cost almost like a visa itself).

Long story short – it is a shit idea to host lan-tournament right now. So much hassle and nerves for what? Funeral of WC3? (and without ESL, basically, competitive wc3 is dead for me. Not counting tournaments sponsored by crowd or tournaments from particular regions that never pay out prizemoney).

Wouldn’t it be much better to let this prizepool (130k, while 100k is more than enough) for one more year of ESL Pro Tour?

Honestly, just having no motivation at all doing all that (visa, tests, vaccines, whatever).

Easy for Europeans – you fly, no visa, show certificate (if you are vaccinated), went on to play tour.

Koreans and Foggy probably too (probably cuz of politics, not vaccine, they have a list of “approved” countries that can enter without any additional covid (not just visa free travel) restrictions).

Why not host this tournament in South Korea? Quite sure all the participants don’t need visa to visit South Korea.

Will be VERY surprised if any of the chinese will be able to go.

I am just annoyed heavily by all that hassle already, asking myself everyday – do I really need it? Cant earn all the money in the world (and money is the only reason I am even considering going there).

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