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16th Oct 2021 from TwitLonger


Not really how I wanted to approach my career retirement but Its time I hang it up due to not having an opportunity to play in the CDL. I always told myself I wanted to win champs at least once before I hang it up. Worse thing I was just getting started with getting better at CoD I loved Cold War so much. Took me a while to understand CoD I didn’t think it would be a long career because what got me here in the 1st place was to make money and pay a debt for a car accident I got myself into. I grew up different but I learned from bad experiences always have. Not happy with my ending tbh I could’ve done so much better but with the cards and environment I was in well dam that’s hard! But in life things don't go the way you want it and well that’s what happened. I understand why, probably my attitude and how I was towards the end but when you get picked up last minute for the past 3 years things carry out with it like stress. For example having a 6 month lease or 12 month to then being forced to relocate every time. I wasn’t blessed to live with my parents anymore due to how awful the internet was. I started my AW-WW2 career with a 35ping, 10 download, 0.80upload. This also didn’t allow me to show my supporters and give back well with the internet I had due to having to play 24/7 but enough with my excuses! I can sit here and hold grudges on some stuff but that only makes me weaker and not right for myself to grow I do want to say it was a pleasure having good leaders around me and I learned a lot from those leaders I played with y’all helped me out one way or another to stop being lazy, not be weak, and just put in work (Past teammates) I keep pushing forward and working everyday towards being a better person. I’m in love currently with the change I’ve been doing lately I’ve been adulting and maturing to being a better person. I’m a risk taker and always have been. For me personally it’s never to late to work on yourself and be yourself because life is really short! I will soon be ready for something different which is stream everyday so if any teams need a content creator when the new Warzone comes out then I would love the chance to show y’all who I am and be about the grind! I’ve always loved BR games and that’s the route I’ll be taking but also I would love to stick around in the comp scene if any teams need an assistant coach I will be willing to take any opportunity that’s given I love watching CoD in general and Im always going to love it! Best of luck to the people still competing and don’t make excuses on why you lose be better and get better! 👌🏻🔥

Also I read recently top 5 CoD Players ( my experience )
5. I mean dam Simp or Abezy y’all can scrap for that spot.

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