First I need to thank @RachelXGin, @Resettlol and @Movistar_Riders because without them this would never be possible. They made the entire process simple and easy. Te quiero

For those who enjoyed the British Fnatic flag, you're about to be really excited for a LONG time.
This is a situation that I never thought I would see myself in because of my past mistakes throughout my career but all I can say is thank you to @SamuelssonCSGO for beleving in me so much by putting his own reptuation on the line to secure this move. I'm joining with a very open mindset and reasonable expectations for myself and the team, here to work hard every day not only in game but to develop myself as a person too. I've been waiting for a chance like this for years and I think now is the perfect time for this to happen.

Huge thank you to everyone who has supported/pushed for me to be signed by a team again, without you I'd still be malding in some @FPLCircuit pugs on stream haha. I've been trying to write this for hours but honestly I'm just too excited to get started. LETS GO

Love FNATIC.smooya x


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