Free Agency - Thank you @Movistar_Riders for everything.

Well well well. Today I'm being released from my Movistar contract making me a unrestricted Free Agent. Thank you so so much to @Movistar_Riders for our time together and taking this step to help progress my career. I will forever be in debt to you. Thank you again

If you was to tell me at the start of my career that I would meet such amazing people within Esports I would have called you a liar. The way I was treated by the players/members of staff and beautiful fans during my time was nothing short of professional/amazing. They provided everything I could have wanted starting with a chance. They took me when they had many other options which would have made total sense because of my past but they looked past it and wanted to help repair that reputation. For that all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my little British heart<3

I'm proud to have played for another Major organisation!! (BTW HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU ALL, YOU DESERVE ALL THE SUCCESS AND MUCH MORE) In the process I met people who I am proud to call my friends and also my ex team mates. The lessons shown to me by the old man @bladEisHere_ will live with me for the rest of my career. I'll keep it short because I could talk for hours about our short time together.
Love Smoo x - Adios mis hermanos

For myself this means I'm now a Free Agent and will be open to all offers coming from EU/NA for both CSGO & Valorant. If there is anyone interested you can write to me via twitter DM's or contact me here!

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