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1st Oct 2021 from TwitLonger

Hello there,

I've never been one for Twitlongers or anything like that but I feel that is the best way to put into words the decision I recently took.

Well here goes! I have made the decision to leave KVM Esports and stop actively working in esports. This initally wasn't an easy the decision to make but after thinking about this for well over 2 months, I feel that I can now make the decision to step down.

Every since I quit school and started working full-time at the end of May this year, I was still under the impression that I could do esports on the side during the evenings and weekends. It was clear that I was going to need a bit more help to get everything done so I went out and got help in the form of David and Justin. Two phenomenal guys who along with Thibault (also phenomenal btw) and I formed the SoMe team for KVM Esports.

All was going well up until the point where more of the pre-corona life came back into the picture. With more ways to spend my free time, I could feel my grip on esports slipping away. This started around July and with work ramping up as well, time became a scarcer thing for me. This means that I had to make decisions on how to spend my time. Something I kind of suck at doing.

On one hand, I didn't want to leave KVM because that would create a hole in the organization that had to be filled, but on the other hand I felt that stepping down would be the most logical decision. This was thus dilemma I had been struggling with for a couple of months. After many, many days of thinking about how to solve this problem, I felt that this hole I'm talking about can be filled by something that was already there. Thibault, David and Justin were there all along.

What these 3 guys have showed me over the last months, has been nothing but outstanding for me and therefore I feel that they can tackle this whole beast that they call 'KVM Social media'. Aside from these guys, the rest of the organization is well equiped to make sure nothing changes and KVM Esports can maintain the trajectory that it is currently having.

Knowing this, I had the peace of mind to finally make the decision to step down and focus on myself. Over these last 3 years, I have learned more about esports and social media than I would have ever imagined. Skills that will stick with me forever.

Not only that, All the amazing people that I have had to pleasure to meet (and hopefully I can still meet many more) made me the person I am today. All the players, coaches, casters, streamers, staff etc. of all the teams that I have worked with: you're all freaking brilliant humans and thanks for everything. Especially a shoutout to all the different staff people that I have worked with over the years: Nina, Thibault, Justin, David, Luke, Boohon, Frederique, Mike, Adam, Geoffrey, Billie, Marc & Joey (Yes pissant I did you last on purpose just to mess with you)

Last but not last: a thank you to my ride or die, Boy. Thanks for taking a chance on my over 2 years ago. I am beyond proud of what you managed to achieve ever since we started working together, absolutely mindblowing if you ask me. Thanks for always having my back and being there when I needed your help. You're an absolutely fantastic human being and hopefully you can continue making KVM a massive thing. You can be proud of this all and thank you for this time.

I will still be hanging around and keeping an eye out on Benelux esports but won't actively work for a team anymore. Despite of that, I'm still one for helping people out so don't shy away from DM'ing me with questions, advice, anything like that!

Also, I won't be gone just yet as I have a couple of projects still to finish here at the team. This obviously includes BL Country Finals next weekend (only on the saturday so we better win on Friday)!

Hopefully I was able to bring some joy to your life or a smile on your face with anything I have posted over the last 3 years, even if it was only once.



TL;DR: 👋

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