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30th Sep 2021 from TwitLonger

The truth from start to beginning

These two girls have been hanging out together ever since my break up with Isla and they have been plotting to try and paint me out to be this horrific guy when in actuality here's what happened:

Azalia, DudÄ™ you were a great time honestly I had an awesome time hanging out with you and I thought we were great friends who knew how to party and have a good time. Unfortunately in terms of taking things serious I really didn't see a future for us especially after you told me you stayed at a dudes house(the one with the daughter) with that you have hooked up with in the past, on top of that STI scare false positive I'm sorry but you were just way too wild for me and I'm sorry for the way things ended and how I worded those texts, but I genuinely wish the best for you. Also I publicly apologized to you at Anaheim and one more CoD event(champs?) so like girl I'm sorry that we didn't work out what more do you want from me, it's legitimately been years and multiple apologizes I can't do anything else...

Isla, We had massive communication issues off the jump and honestly we fell in love too fast when we had gaping holes in our relationship like basic communication. It ended up with frustration which at first was us arguing slightly and ended up with full out name calling on one another, I said some bad shit you said equally bad shit. Ultimately we put each other in a really dark place and you always said it was your depression of not having a job(which you projected one me daily) but I literally paid for our bills, I helped your parents with rent a few months, and I even got you a streaming PC that you still have and I destroyed my stream schedule to try and work in streams with you and shoot you hosts. I don't think you realized how much I tried doing for you and all you could think of was the negatives when you told me shit like all your friends/family hate me and I'm not a good guy when tbh I tried setting you up for greatness, but you were so ungrateful and too lazy to stick to a schedule. We both said things equally as toxic as your texts you leaked(which are over a year old) and we've APOLOGIZED to each other about our wrong-doings which is TOO MANY to count on both ends. Like dude just move on with your life I thought we forgave each other. I never once laid a finger on you and we were just horribly toxic for each other so we finally ended things. You are a part of the worst year of my life, but I truly still wish the best for you. I have never been treated more worthlessly and appreciated less in my life which just made me lonely in Mansfield Texas when we took a "break" and you didn't check on me for weeks even a hello text. I had no friends or family and cried myself to sleep every night for weeks because I had no friends or family and the only thing that kept away my suicidal and dark thoughts was my one daily call I had with my wonderful mother.

The video, I got sent this video 2 days ago on instagram DMs by a close friend of mine who knows I'm a good guy and was trying to look out. I spent about 2-3 hours just listening to it over and over absolutely sick to my stomach at what I was hearing. If we're being completely honest I was in an extremely dark place of deep depression and alcoholism so I legitimately cannot recall the time frame around this video and I want to get a legal team to view the legitimacy of the video. What I can say is that if this 1-2 year old video is genuinely me saying these things I can assure you guys that I am not the same self hating man today that I would've been at the time of the video. I have nothing but love in my heart for everyone around me and I view us all as equals from the entire spectrum of humanity. I try to go out of my way to spread as much kindness and help as I can. Over the years we've been able to change the lives of so many people, one of which was actually the OpTic B team house cleaner who's brother needed brain surgery in Nigeria. We were able to save his brother's life by raising almost $9,000 to cover medical expenses. I promise that I do not represent a single word that was spoken in that video and I honestly do not believe in my heart that I said that. I am extremely sorry for anyone who was offended by that disgusting video.

I am not the man these ladies are trying to paint me as and it seems that every time I'm genuinely happy they try to do something to ruin my life. This is truly some sadistic behavior and I hope both of you guys find happiness with yourselves so you can just forgive and forget and go on living the rest of your lives instead of being so worried about mine.

I love everyone reading this all races, genders, and even the two girls that have tried ruining my life multiple times because we're all human and I have definitely made mistakes in the past, but I am here to take responsibility and tell you that the man I am today does not add up with these allegations. I am not a perfect human being, but I promise to everyone reading this that I am a genuine human being and I put in 110% effort into everything I do to create a better environment for strangers, the people around me, and my loved ones which is what I preach that we should all strive for every day on all my platforms.

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