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I want to preface this by saying there are plenty of wonderful EN Vtubers out there who I genuinely enjoy watching and interacting with. This is not directed at them, and I wish them nothing but the best. That being said:


It's shocking how much joy has been sucked out of an interest I've enjoyed for almost 5 years now, literally since the dawn of Vtubing, by hordes of normies with no clue what it even means to be a Vtuber. If you're going to tweet IRL insta-thot pics, not even bother with the slightest semblance of a character, etc., then imo you're nothing but a room-temperature IQ normie who hopped on a bandwagon for clout and simpbucks. This isn't a complicated concept. There is meant to be a crucial separation from reality, which you promptly flush down the toilet for the sake of your daily social media attention fix. You clearly aren't satisfied with compliments being directed at your Vtuber avatar, it neeeds to be directed at YOU.

A Vtuber is a virtual character, which is what defines it as its own unique form of content. It boggles my fucking mind how people have trouble with this. All you have to do is put on some semblance of a character, make some form of video content, and NOT POST IRL CONTENT ON MAIN. It's so easy even somebody like ME can manage it. You don't even have to stream for fucks sake. Plenty of you might not remember, or even have known in the first place, but for a long time Vtubers just made short Youtube videos. Streaming came about later.

Am I being a crotchety no-fun party pooper? Am I being unfair and unreasonable? Frankly, I think the only unreasonable thing about all this is how much of my headspace I've allowed this nonsense to consume. If you want to call yourself a Vtuber, then take 10 seconds to learn what the concept is and apply it to yourself. If you can't put in the absolute bare minimum of effort, then don't be surprise when co-opting and shitting all over an existing genre/interest earns you the ire of people who were already there enjoying it.

Just before I banged out this dumb fucking rant, I had opened my Vtuber Twitter (which almost exclusively follows Vtubers because what I want to see there is Vtuber content) and was slapped with not one but TWO different """Vtubers""" posting textbook attentionwhore please-tell-me-how-pretty-I-am pictures. So as a final, well-deserved parting shot, I have a rather unkind reality check. The majority of Vtubers whose pictures I've seen (regardless of gender) are frankly just average-looking. Anybody with a brain can see through the filters, makeup, and angles. You can point all you want at the number of likes they get, but let's be honest here. Even if the ENVtuber twittersphere wasn't rife with this cringe, clique-y, no negativity allowed hugbox attitude, it's easy as hell for something like a lingerie picture or uwu cutegirl filterfest to break a couple hundred likes lmfao.


On a semi-related note, I think I done making regular content for a while. This, among other things, has put a real bummer on my mood and I promised myself that I wouldn't make content if it's just going to feel like work. I do enough work as it is lol. I want to spend more time reconnecting with my friends and the hobbies I enjoy. This whole rant thing feels like it's lifted a weight off my shoulders, since I've been holding it in since early this year. I want to get back to making good, enjoyable content again, not just average, lazy streams. And hopefully this twitlonger is the first real step to get me there.

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