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14th Sep 2021 from TwitLonger

Free agency & current status

I left lilmix 3 months ago and I am now searching for a new team primarily as a rifler but also as an awper and If you feel like you have an interesting offer then feel free to contact me through DM's.

About the Lemondogs situation, we are only mixing Eliteserien together and we are not praccing so it's just something for fun and nothing is signed... so I'm still a free agent.

I don't feel like giving up school right now to continue playing tier3 CS. I believe that I've reached my limit at that level of competing and playing for countless hours every day and not improving anything from it is not something I want. For me to continue improving, I need a new way which will be individually practicing until school finishes or taking an offer where I feel like I can evolve and be worth sacrificing school for.

I also want to thank lilmix for the experience they have given me both inside and outside of the game and also much thanks to the organization. It's by far the best that I've come across just like the guys playing for them... Thanks lilmix, quix, b0den, bq, freddyyyw, hns, isak, downie, PeterG, and many more❤️

DM's are open📧 & Retweets are appreciated!😁

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