Ricky Kemery · @floppyCSGO

10th Sep 2021 from TwitLonger

Thank you Cloud9.

Thank you Cloud9.

Thank you for all the good times we've had, from the ZA CSGO team, to the Colossus, and finally to C9Blue VALORANT! My life has changed drastically during my time with each of you, and I've made great memories throughout this journey, as well as learning a lot about myself. Words really can't describe how amazing it has been.

As for my future, I'm unsure what I'm going to be doing. I feel a lack of purpose right now, and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else. I suspect that it's simply burnout from playing competitive tactical FPS for the last 7 years of my life, but as of right now, I haven't been enjoying anything as much as I used to. I know it sounds like a "le epic derp troll", but I never thought I'd unironically be depressed about anything. However, Covid decided to do its thing and it has affected me a lot mentally.

In regard to CS, it feels like a piece of me has been ripped apart knowing that the NA region isn't going to come back because of Covid, players throwing in MDL, a lack of a real developer, and other various reasons. VALORANT hasn't grown on me as much as CS did when I was a kid, but I am not going to completely rule the game out because it is not the game's fault as to why I feel so Sadge.

I think as of now, I'll probably take a little break and lay out all of my options. I want to keep doing things that make me happy in life such lifting, but I’m unsure what else what lies on my path. I could be a fantastic VAL player! An incredible coach! Or even the next XQCOW! Maybe move to GERMANY with a GERMAN citizenship and play CS again! Who knows, we'll see. Thank you everyone for your support and I appreciate every single one of you. We're all gonna make it brahs.

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