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6th Sep 2021 from TwitLonger

Retirement village here I come!

As most of you already know I've decided to retire as a player from R6 but I just wanted to shed some light on why I felt this was a good time for me to retire.

I've been contemplating this decision ever since Stage 1 of APAC South but at the time I wasn't sure if it was just me feeling burnt out from the game. During Stage 1, we were sinking a lot of hours into practice, we never really allowed ourselves a break. On top of practice and having to play three sometimes four matches a week, we were playing the game every single day without many days off. At the end of Stage 1, I was feeling really burnt out but this was a successful season for us. I was riding off the high's of winning OCN Stage 1 and making playoffs for APAC South, so I felt that I wanted to keep going and that I just needed a break. Fast forward to the beginning of Stage 2, this is where I made my decision to retire. Despite having a break, I still felt that I wanted a change in my life and the urge to retire wasn't just me feeling burnt out, after playing the game for so long, I eventually lost the drive and motivation that I use to have and a little break wasn't going to change that. Despite feeling this way before Stage 2, I wanted to leave it all behind on a good note. So I shoved all of those thoughts away and focused on the season ahead, making sure that I'm still contributing to the team and trying to perform as best as I can.

Despite not qualifying for APAC South, I still felt we had a good season, the team made a lot of improvements and everyone gave their 100%. I felt now was a good time to leave it all behind, not a lot of people get the opportunity to leave a team on good terms and I'm grateful to be able to do that. The boys have a really strong work ethic and are extremely motivated, I knew that eventually I would be left behind and I didn't want it to come down to that. I made sure that there were a few really good players that the boys would be happy to pickup to replace me, the last thing I wanted to do was leave them in a situation where they struggle to find a suitable replacement. I'm happy to say that the boys have found a good replacement and I'm excited to see how they go in Stage 3 :)

Lastly, just want to thank the Chiefs, best org I've worked with and I'm super proud to have represented them. Having an org that supports you through the high and lows had such a positive impact on our team. It made us want to put in more work and perform even better without having an enormous amount of pressure on us. I have nothing but positive things to say about the org and the people, wish you guys the best and thanks for everything. Also want to thank everyone I've previously teamed with, even if it didn't end in a positive way. I look back at my journey as a player and I wouldn't change anything. All the negative moments in my career have taught me a lot of valuable lessons that have genuinely made me a better player and person. Three and a half years ago, Jake (GodLgn) and myself had a dream to make it to pro league and see how far we could go with it. I'm happy and proud with what we've achieved.

So what's next for me? I'm not leaving the R6 scene behind just yet, will have an announcement today on my next chapter.

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